How To Keep Your Skin Safe And Healthy This Summer

Skincare Summer and Fun go together like peanut butter and jelly, like grill and sizzle, like lazy and river; however, if you’re also someone who takes care of your skin and is vigilant about the health of their face, then summer can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Skincare and the sun rarely mix. The sun can become, very quickly, an angry enemy causing sunburns and wreaking untold havoc on your skin that hurts now through those aforementioned sunburns but also planting the seeds of long-term skin damage. Even if you have ways to combat the harm the sun can cause the largest organ in our bodies, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. If you’re wondering how you can keep your skin safe, healthy, and happy while making the most of summer fun, then keep reading this list of ways we at Rx MD Solutions Med Spa have come up!

The Trick To Sunscreen When It Comes To Skincare

Everyone knows about the importance of sunscreen. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear sunscreen, you could be doing progressive damage to your skin. Even if it doesn’t feel like it now, years from now, there could be a structural degradation to the body’s ability to produce necessary proteins such as collagen. Eventually, this could lead to unhealthy, aged skin that wrinkles quicker than it would have had you used sunscreen. But this outcome can happen even if you do use sunscreen. The reason is that the trick to sunscreen is to reapply. Experts recommend: Reapplying sunscreen every two hours. This is because most sunscreens are ‘used up’ as they chemically stop harmful UV rays from the sun from penetrating into your skin and causing damage. Along with this, activities such as water sports or even sweating can wash away the sunscreen, so you may even need to reapply more often!

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