Dealing With Hair Loss? PRP Hair Restoration Can Help

hair loss But just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s easy. Hair loss affects not just a person’s appearance but can impact self-confidence as well. If you’re among the many seeking an effective solution, PRP therapy could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Understanding PRP

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a natural product derived from the blood.

Rich in nutrients and growth factors, PRP plays a pivotal role in cellular regeneration in various body areas, such as hair follicles, joints, and skin. Its history in medicine, particularly in tissue healing and regeneration, has paved its path into the realm of hair restoration.

PRP’s Mechanism for Hair Restoration

PRP reignites activity in dormant hair follicles, inducing an active phase of hair growth. It owes its effectiveness to the array of growth factors present in platelets. Those include:

  • PDGF (involved in blood vessel growth)
  • VEGF (involved in new blood vessel formation)
  • FGF-2 (involved in rejuvenation)
  • TGF-b (involved in cellular matrix formation)
  • EGF (stimulates collagen proliferation)
  • IGF (regulates almost every cell in the human body)

By stimulating cellular responses, PRP has the potential to provide exceptional results for hair restoration.

PRP Hair Restoration Procedure

PRP can be introduced into hair follicles using two techniques. The first involves microneedling, where micro-injuries are created on the scalp’s outermost layer. PRP is then applied, allowing nutrient penetration through the injuries.

Alternatively, PRP can be directly injected into thinning areas of the scalp. After drawing blood, the platelets are separated with a centrifuge. The prepared PRP is then meticulously injected every half-inch across the desired area. This introduction activates dormant growth cycles and — for many patients — results in exceptional hair restoration.

Advantages of PRP for Hair Restoration

The organic nature of PRP, being harvested from one’s blood, ensures the procedure’s safety. It stands out for its convenience, efficiency, and versatility. Also, PRP can be a standalone treatment or complement traditional therapies, such as Minoxidil or surgical hair restoration.

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